Integral 0918 Portable Surface Roughness Tester Machine
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Integral 0918 Portable Surface Roughness Tester Machine
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기본 정보
원래 장소: 베이징
브랜드 이름: HUATEC
모델 번호: SRT-5240
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huatec portable surface roughness tester


integral portable surface roughness tester


integral roughness tester

결제 및 배송 조건
Packaging Details: Standard export package
배달 시간: 1-4일
지불 조건: 전신환, 페이팔, 웨스턴 유니온
공급 능력: 달 당 500 PC
제품 사양
Measuring Range: 0~2000um(Maximum adjustable to 6500um)
유닛: 측정 / 영국식 교환
결의안: 0.001 밀리미터 (0.00005 ")
계측 항목: 표면 프로파일과 구멍
정확도: ±2um
테스트중인 바늘 직경: 0.2 밀리미터
테스트중인 바늘 길이: 8.2 밀리미터
표면 직경과 연락하는 토대: 30 밀리미터
표면 안쪽 구멍 직경과 연락하는 토대: 9 밀리미터
상품 이름: 표면 프로파일 계측기
제품 설명

0918 Potable Surface Finish Digital Surface Profile Gauge Surface Surface Roughness Machine


The SRT-5240 digital metric/imperial surface profile, or roughness, needle gauge is a low cost option for surface profile measurement.

The Digital Surface Profile Gauge can directly measure the height of the peak valley bottom of the surface, the surface profile and the pits.

With only a small measuring area, it can accurately and quickly measure the peak and valley values of clean and rough surfaces

It is applicable to users in the industries with surface roughness requirements such as shot blasting, printing, painting and anti-corrosion industries.


Conform to the international authoritative general standard ISO8503-5.


Main application:

  • Enables quick assessment of surface condition prior to coating
  • It works on grit sand shot blasted and saw cut surfaces
  • The small size of this surface profile gauge makes it easy to use and easy to balance on the surface
  • Its design permits accuracies equivalent to an electronic surface trace
  • Gives maximum peak to average valley height
  • Available with metric and imperial units
  • This gauge can also measure the depth of pits, cracks, craters and scratches of the outer (and in some cases the inside) surfaces of steel structures, pipes and concrete
  • We also have available pit and crack depth gauges

Using method:

First, use the glass zero plate to calibrate the zero point, then place the foot on the surface to be measured, then the probe can measure the height from the wave crest to the wave trough, and finally take the average value, which is the roughness value of the surface to be measured.


Main parameters:


Product model SRT-5240
Measuring range Surface profile and pits
range 0~2000um(Maximum adjustable to 6500um)
accuracy ±2um
unit Metric/English system interchange
Testing needle diameter 0.2mm
Testing needle length 8.2mm
Base contacting surface diameter 30mm
Base contacting surface inner hole diameter 9mm


Standard configuration:


name quantity name quantity
Host machine 1 Calibration sheet 1
Allen wrench 1 battery 2
Instrument packing box 1 instructions 1
Warranty card 1 HUATEC Calibration certification 1


Integral 0918 Portable Surface Roughness Tester Machine 0


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